Thursday, October 11, 2012

NYCC 2012-Hasbro pannel

we are  reporting live from the Hasbro Transformers Panel going on now at NYCC 2012. We are posting details as they come in so please keep checking back here for more information as we get it.

Hasbro Panel: Jerry Jivoin, Andy Schmidt, Clint Chapman, Mike Vogel, Brian Lenard, Jeff Kline, Duane Capizzi

+ Attendees were given set of Transformers goodies including a Predacon T Shirt, Cyberverse Vehicon, and a Transformers Prime wipe.

Transformers Prime Season 2

+ Transformers Prime Season 2 video highlights showing season overview.

+ Transformers Prime Preview of episode 23 "Inside Job" shown.

Transformers Prime Season 3

+ Shockwave will return to the series.

+ Shockwave transports Predaking via space bridge.

+ Predacons are Cybertron's Dinosaurs.

+ Predacons are an ancient Cybertronian race.

+ Predaking is said to be an Autobot hunter. 

Transformers Toys

+ Big Spring lineup with lots of surprises.

+ Figures will have new armor and weapons.

Legion Figures

+ Bumblebee with Hawkbow

+ Smokescreen with Chain Bolter

+ Airachnid with Novastinger Bow 

+ Twinstrike - Looks like Predacon with 2 heads

+ The Predacon figures will include more than are represented in the show.

Cyberverse Commander

+ Bulkhead with Nova Hammer Roadbuster Deco

+ Predaking

Cyberverse Vehicles

+ Sky Claw - Has big grabber claws

+ Smokescreen

+ Apex armor with Breakdown


+ Bumblebee - Bulkier look with armor and weapons, 

+ Soundwave ad Ravage - Includes capture claw 

+ Wheeljack with Falcon Spear

+ Laserback with Toxic Strike Blaster


+ Predaking - The weapons combine to form three headed dragon

+ Predacons will have their own packages due to their size. 

+ The enclosed instructions will include extra back-story, character and weapons information.


+ Ripclaw - Predacon with wings 

+ Bumblebee - 4X4 version

+ Kreon Bumblebee

+ Kreon Humans

+ Kreon Skystalker 

+ Kreon Trailcutter vs Grimwing

+ Kreon Windcharger vs Corhada

Generations Platinum

+ Omega Supreme - Year of the Snake Energon mold with new hands and head. 

+ Optimus Prime - Year of the Snake Energon mold.

+ New foil packaging coming.

+ Rage of the Dinobots starts next month.

+ Generations line will soon include character related IDW comics packed-in with the toys.

+ Transformers Legends - New digital card game with mobile coming this Fall.

Questions and Answers

+ Hasbro is look at ways to bring MP Soundwave, Sideswipe and Red Alert to USA. No plans yet.

+ Will we see more novels, more about the Primes, and more about the Pirates? "Stay Tuned"

+ Will we see a Prime Unicron figure here. "You never know."

+ About the Beast Wars 30th in 2014: "Who knows what could happen for 30th Anniversary?"

+ Beast Hunters toys will follow the last wave with Kup and Rumble.

+ When asked about Dinobots in season three: "Stay tuned."

+ In response to a Bruticus giftset or more combiners: "Maybe"

+ Toys from IDW comics? Hasbro says they are talking about it.

+ Will Unicron appear again: "Stay tuned, you'll be happy."

+ Will we see Smokescreen and Breakdown toys? Hasbro wants to make all the TF characters. 

+ Voyager class Ripclaw? "Stay tuned."

+ Jazz and Perceptor in season 3? "Stay tuned."

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