Sunday, August 19, 2012

GIA unicron 2 pack

By way of user 9981 on HK-TF, we have a pair of rather interesting pictures to share with you right now.

The first, being released under the Generations banner, is a Transformers Prime two pack consisting of the upcoming Gaia Unicron and Arms Micron Optimus Prime. The two as previously teased can combine, this giftset release gives you both parts of the combiner in a single box. It's also a great new look at the Gaia Unicron figure, our clearest so far. Given the Generations banner, it is entirely likely this will be another Asian market exclusive.

Second is a new image of the Chinese New Year special, the Year of the Snake Omega Supreme. The new image is not giving a lot away - Energon Omega Supreme is shown in the image, unaltered from his release in 2004, although it is possible given that this is the stock photo from the Energon release that this is just a placeholder.

you can pre order the Single pack on BIGBADTOYSTORE sold out!
and robotkingdom
they range to  $51.99 to  $54.99.

more info comming soon!

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