Friday, August 17, 2012

Transformers cc serive live! new TRANSFORMER PRIME slipcream!

Here's a quick follow on from the news earlier about the terms for theTransformers Collector's Club Subscription Service - it's live!

Head on over to the Transformers Collector's Club Homepage to read the terms and get in on the ground floor of the subscription service. Remember to read the terms - you need to be a member, and you can either pay by installments or pay the whole thing in one lump sum. 

An update from earlier is that the figures will not ship in pairs - that's an artifact left over from the similarly-worded GI Joe terms and conditions - these will ship individually, so you get six toys at various points through the year (seven if you want to count Depth Charge, the membership freebie)

Remember, there is no need to rush to get your order in as these are made to order. If you get your order in by the cut-off date, midnight on 10 September 2012, you will receive the set of six toys.

Lastly the slides from Botcon showing off the six toys have been posted on Facebook, if you want a clear look at what you are getting with the subscription. Check out the six - Prime Slipstream, Classics Circuit, Beast Wars Ultra Mammoth, Animated Jackpot, Universe Classics Breakdown and Generations Robots in Disguise Scourge. Remember if you only want one of these six figures, singles may be available through the Transformers Collectors Club, but at a higher price than they work out at through the subscription.

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