Thursday, August 16, 2012

TRANSFORMERS PRIME "out of past' info

The AT&T U-Verse listings have updated with another new listing for an upcoming episode of Transformers Prime. Out of the Past, the second new episode following Hurt, has a slightly confusing description which is probably missing an "a" somewhere in there, but it hints at a new character being added into the mix - or possibly two! We'll find out when the new episode airs - read on for the full description.

It's also worth nothing that AT&T reports that this episode will air at 4pm ET on 8/31/12 

Out of the Past

"When Arcee is unexpectedly brought back into the company of an old friend, they discover together that Decepticon has been scheming behind their backs an elaborate plan with the intentions of destroying the Autobots and claiming his victory."

review coming coming soon

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